Build a culture of innovation at all levels of your organization

Equip your organization with the tools and mindsets that foster creativity and collaboration. Empower multi-age and cross functional teams to succeed.


Your team needs a better way of adapting to change

The needs, motivations and mindsets of your customers are ever-changing. That is why it is critical for organizations to build a capacity for innovation - starting with their people. 

We empower teams to become customer-centric in approaching problems and designing solutions, and agile in their project delivery. Most importantly, we teach them to look at the world in a fresh way, one that aligns with how Gen Z sees it.


Some call it future-proofing or up-skilling, we call it adapting to the times. We help you build the collaborative, co-creative and agile muscles your team needs to keep up with Gen Z.


Duration: 1 - 3 days

Solutioning with empathy

What is it for? 

Empower members at all levels of the organization to gain a deep understanding of customers' needs and to identify customer-centric solutions.

Why do I need it?

Design Thinking has become a staple skill demonstrated by cross-functional, innovative teams. We believe is not strictly reserved for designers.

Innovating like a startup

What is it for? 

Learn the lean startup techniques that allow teams to launch ventures that are feasible and impactful. This is all about validating assumptions in order to launch the correct solution.

Why do I need it?

This is all about being adaptable and comfortable with iteration. It doesn't come naturally to humans, but we hope to help.

Delivering value iteratively

What is it for? 

The Agile framework allows you to deliver value to customers in an iterative manner. It works great for operational teams as well.

Why do I need it?

If you want to deliver value to your customers faster while allowing teams to be self-organized and nimble, then you need to learn Agile. 

If Moore's law holds true...our generations will become shorter. Successful businesses will adapt to this new norm and learn to thrive amid frequent change. This requires a habit of understanding consumers as human beings, understanding what drives them and providing them — repeatedly — products, services and experiences they can’t imagine living without.

Marcie Merriman, Ernst & Young report

Certification Programs

Let's build your internal team of coaches who can keep the innovation going once the Studio training comes to an end.

Duration: 2 weeks - 2 months

Thinking Lead

What is it for? 

The Lead will be certified in Design Thinking and hence equipped with the tools needed to facilitate idea development with internal teams and with customers. 

Why do we need it?

These experts will ensure that the culture of co-creation, collaboration and innovation persists throughout the organization.


What is it for? 

The Agile Lead is your in-house expert who can coach your team on how to implement the lean startup and scrum methods.

Why do we need it?

When you are busy delivering projects, you may find yourself deviating from the process that you've invested time building. The Master of Agile is there to avoid this from happening.

Program Designer

What is it for? 

The Program Designer understand how to implement the innovation methods depending on the needs of the organization. They also there to assess the impact of your programs and make changes accordingly. 

Why do we need it?

To benefit the most from Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile, it is important to know how to implement and adapt them according to the needs of your organization.  

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